Survival Tips Before Heading Into The Wilderness

Survival Tips Checklist

Preparations for the survival in wildlife are simple. Before the trip, at least not all self-rescue equipment is standard could be prepared. For example, if it will be boating across the river or the sea, set up buoys adequate.

Do not underestimate the standard tools! Because this is our life hangers if something happens. In traveling we have to prepare the private provision, especially survival equipment that should also be adequate.

Small items that are vital to be provided such as a flashlight, a lighter, a small folding knife, sewing equipment, whistle, wet wipe, medicine supplies, and so forth.

Life is one of the most precious gifts from God. And human life is precious from second to second, no matter whether it’s good or bad behavior. The maintenance of life is a duty for every human being.

Humanly possible in trying is unconscious or OFF. Success or failure out of this uncertain situation, all depends on itself. The beginning of our success is to plant or cultivate the spirit to be alive.

  • Without that spirit, it is less likely to get out of this situation. After getting the spirit of must be alive, the needs that must be owned by a survivor are as follow.
  • Mental supporting behavior of the survival. They are including; spirit, confidence, common sense, discipline and thorough action plan, as well as the ability to learn from experience.
  • Knowledge, especially knowledge associated with survival techniques, namely; how to make a safe place (bivouac), knowledge of how to obtain water and food, make a fire, field orientation and others.
  • Experience and Practice. Survival is the art and creativity need to live it, the more creative a person the more likely the person is to stay alive even can help the lives of others. Therefore, experience and training is crucial to success.

Tools or Survival Kit, familiarize ALWAYS carry a survival kit on each trip. Because by having a survival kit, a set of equipment already owned for emergencies. Fill the box survival kit including; Airtight lighters, candles, a magnifying glass, mirror, needle and thread, hooks and strings, shoe soles and thread, compass, small flashlights, and medicine.

Survival Kit is a set of equipment, a box, or bag survival equipment that can generally be used for all kinds of areas such as mountain, forests, deserts and beaches and the sea.

Equipment that must be presented and prepared in Survival Kit are matches, candles, flint, magnifying glass, needle and thread, strings, compass, a small flashlight, wire meshes, wire saws, knife, rope, medication such as analgesics, anti-diarrhea, anti-itch, anti-malarial, and anti-biotic.

In a survival situation, the water is the most important, more important than any other factor. Man can live with water only up to ± 3 weeks. But man can only survive without water 3-5 days.

If we have trouble in obtaining water sources, the following methods can be tried for getting water. Water can be divided into two general categories.

  1. Water that does not need to be purified. Characteristics are colorless, tasteless, and smell. They are such as drinking water, of the rattan plant, from plant flowers, moss and leaves wide.

  2. Water that needs to be purified has characteristics such as odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Examples of water are the great river, the water in rocky, the water in the river is dry, and water from tree trunks.

There is a way to look for it. Dig deep holes approximately 30-50 cm in diameter that is greater than the nesting or basket whatever that may be used to store water.

Cut dry sticks with a length of about 50 cm, set up a plastic sheet that is quite wide or can also use a poncho or raincoat. Put nesting or basket in the bottom of the hole, upright stems or branches earlier and cover with plastic. Do not forget to put a stone around it that are not easily shifted.

Wait water evaporates from the soil surface. Figure the same manufacturing techniques with drawing only made a pile of dry leaves around it with a sufficient distance so as ponchos or plastic that does not melt and light the fire in the branches.

Wait for water that evaporates from the soil surface that can be done at any time. Another way to get water is through rain. Rainwater capacity with wide leaves circulate to place our drink or capacity with poncho or squeeze too clean handkerchief and slayer.

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