Survival Technique in the Foreign Wild

Survival Technique in the Foreign Wild

Many people think, bringing tool objects to survive in the wild when going somewhere seems complicated or make trouble. But for those who have a hobby in the wild as the instigators of nature lovers, you must be able to anticipate a state of emergency until the thing is small though very necessary.

There are many events that prove the event of accidents at sea and air, the victims who survived mostly unprepared chance of survival although the rescue efforts by the rescue team or the police do not necessarily come immediately. There is no choice. The victim has to survive in the foreign wild totally.

If there is no preparation, plus the mental and physical is fatigue, life could be this end. Indirectly, and nor we can think it happens to anyone and anywhere. What if the nightmare that happened to us what we can do and we have done if we were in such a state.

Although the journey felt to be too much, make it a habit always bring food and drinks reserves. Once everything is ready, put equipment and supplies earlier into a container or bag that is eligible, quite lightweight, strong and waterproof.

Make a distinction between the container in a bag or other goods, to be easily recognizable. Place also in an accessible space, lest we confuse must prioritize which items are to be saved when the crash.

There are several aspects that will arise in the face of survival. There are factors that can affect the success in doing survival, in addition to luck or God’s help of course. They are the spirit to sustain life, readiness self, and supporting tool. Besides, there are some needs to be met to face survival.

It is the protection against threats such as the weather, animals, food, and drinks. According to the number of people, there are two kinds of survival: individual survival and survival groups. In the individual survival, you will invite a sense of loneliness and boredom in addition to fear and panic.

Loneliness and boredom is a major problem that must be overcome and avoided. It will be able to make sense of oppression that can eliminate the spirit and the desire to live. Loneliness and boredom can only exist in a reverie that is approved by the actions and thoughts.

To overcome always work for things that need to be done to be able to avoid feeling lonely and bored. Survival group is better than personal survival. The availability of energy to do the job and friends to communicate can eliminate the loneliness and boredom.

However, not everyone will be the same in the face of something that it faces. In these circumstances the tendency of people to act on its own behalf at the expense of common interest. To keep it, and togetherness under control then you should have a leader to coordinate each group member. The tasks of the leader in the survival are as follow.

  • Developing a plan that involves all members and salvation belong together

  • Performing the division of work tasks to each member

  • Adjusting the task with the condition of each member with the division of work that will be quickly resolved and foster a sense of togetherness

  • Developing a sense of community and trust in the group

  • The wrong decision in determining whether a decision would result in death

For that we should be really in any decision making. There are some steps recommended in doing survival.

  1. Coordinate member, when several people, choose one of the group as chairman. A chairman is needed to govern the decision in case of disputes.

  2. Perform first aid. Treat the ill member from becoming more severe. In these circumstances it may develop a mild illness that can even be difficult for us later on.

  3. Seeing the capability and state of the group members, it would be useful to share a task. Differentiate based on health conditions, physical and mental. Because if one gives the task to someone will hamper plans can even be fatal.

  4. Hold field orientation, try to know our position, the possibility of the settlement population, and estimates a way out.

  5. Hold a food rationing. Calculate the amount of food available, the number of members, the estimated time. In addition, look for food sources should be sought from outside plan allotment. Regarding how to get food and water will be discussed further.

  6. Make a plan of activities and division of tasks, plans are made as rational as possible and based on a thorough consideration. The division of tasks adjusts to the current environment.

  7. Try to connect with the outside world, do not do things that are draining our first redundant. Mark the path that we have passed and seeking attention by making smoke, hanging laundry in high places or open, reflecting the sunlight with mirrors and others.

  8. Seek help. Always have and always seek help. Make codes from land to air to help rescuers, particularly those searching for survivors by air. Signs provided must be large enough, striking, contrasting with the background color, and placed where it is easily visible from the air or from a distance. Gestures may be made from any object or material that is easily obtained.

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