Russian Intelligence Emergency Supplies

Emergency Supplies

Russian intelligence forces often have to operate just behind the enemy lines. Therefore, in the midst of a critical situation, they should be able to apply the basic techniques and methods of survival in order to return from the mission safely. How to survive is studied by students attending military schools and troops in some units by obtaining emergencies supplies.

Obtain Water

The easiest way to get the water in a location that does not exist springs is by tying a plastic bag at the bottom of the plant. This method can produce about 50 milliliters of water in one hour. Condensation may occur on the surface of the ground, on the passage of leaves, grass, and moss. To do this, in the middle of dug wells can be fitted a tube and the whole structure covered with plastic, which is exposed to sunlight. This method can produce about 300 milliliters of water per day for emergencies supplies.

Make Fire

With the help of a plastic bag, you can not only get water in the forest. Plastic bags can be objects indispensable for intelligence forces. For example, a plastic bag filled with water can be transformed into the lens, and then can be used to start a fire with the help of sunlight.

Get food

To get food to survive modern techniques from intelligence, you are advised to use a variety of traps and snares tool that can be made with only the knife and shoelaces. From his appearance, these tools resemble tools used John Rambo to “hunt down” the police officer. With these devices, you can even kill wild animals, such as deer. For the record for emergencies supplies, the success of hunting animals also depends on how you set the trap. In the immediate need, not only mammals that can be trapped, but also reptiles, and grasses, such as mushrooms, berries, and others. Mosquitoes are animals that can transmit diseases, including malaria. Malaria kills more than 1 million people worldwide. To avoid mosquito bites can be done as follows:

  • Use Mosquito repellent lotion, when there is no mud rubbed on exposed skin. After drying, the dried sludge is a natural mosquito repellent.

  • Use bonfire at dawn and evening to help repel mosquitoes.

  • Hit and wipe your shoes every time you use it again, to make sure there are no insects and a scorpion in your shoe.


Humans are the only one being in the woods would be difficult to build a cottage using wooden pegs and large tree limbs for emergencies supplies. However, there is an easy way to cover basic cottage with topography and vegetation. You can use a tree uprooted by the wind, which has lush foliage. To increase protection from rain and wind, it takes an extra layer of bark and branches. To build a cottage quickly, you can use the help of a small wooden pole and a tree limb came from a thick tree trunk.

Act according to Weather

For a plan of action for emergencies supplies, you should be able to predict the weather in the near future: either bad weather for waiting family, and in fine weather, you can get out of the woods.

Russian military intelligence exercises

Predicting the weather and changes can take advantage of a variety of signs. For example, the signs of sunny weather in the Central District: the sky is clear at night, star-studded sky, the moon is shining, and golden dawn light colored or pale pink. Windy evening is marked by stronger winds during the day, then at night the smoke from a campfire rise to the top, like a pillar. Dewy night (winter ice) is characterized by a thick fog which disappeared after sunrise, ant that looks very active, on the grass and bushes are cobwebs, flowers chapped, embers covered with ash. Poor weather can be indicated by an increase of wind, no dew, flowers furl, ants hiding itself in the hive, and the worms that crawled onto the surface for emergencies supplies.


Wherever vacation, make sure you do not forget to bring slippers or shoes comfortable reserve. Imagine if you wanted to look around the city and have to walk a long way by using stylish shoes totally uncomfortable? You will only burden yourself and streets also will not feel cool when you’re distracted like this. In mind would want to go back to the hotel or stop by the supermarket to buy new sandals. Well, rather than throwing money like you better bring spare sandals from scratch for emergencies supplies. Moreover, if the place you visit involves a lot of sand, rocks, or forests. Invest in good shoes is a wise choice.

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